Zmywarka podblatowa FP PREMAX Hobart

Zmywarka podblatowa FP PREMAX Hobart

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Eco program: rinsing with steam reduces the fresh water consumption to 1.0 l / basket.

This saves up to 60% water and detergent, and up to 60% rinse aid.

VAPOSTOP: Avoids the escape of steam when opening the door.

PERFECT Drying Manager: Supports the drying result of the dishwasher.

VISIOTRONIC control: One-button operation with remaining run indication in combination with text and graphic display.

SENSO-ACTIVE use of resources: The control permanently monitors the dirt entry into the tank and adapts the rinse amount to the degree of soiling individually and in real time.

The consumption of fresh water is reduced to 1.0 l / basket.

Optional double basket system: Two baskets can be rinsed at the same time.

The capacity of the rinsing chamber is optimally utilized and the performance of the machine doubled.

CLIP-IN washing and rinse aid arms: Both wash and rinse arms can be removed without tools.

Intelligent data storage: Important operating data , event logs and consumption data are stored and can be viewed on the display.

USB interface: Comfortable playback of operating data and consumption data via USB.

GENIUS-X² fine filter system : Filter system with integrated pre-wash function reduces the consumption of the cleaner by up to 35%.

Screen insert check : The correct use of the tank cover screen is permanently monitored. Fill level indicator: The level of external chemical canisters or integrated chemical containers can be monitored at any time.

The control points in time to the time of refilling. Hygiene program in combination with the Hygiene-Tab

INTENSIV: Removes limescale and dirt residues from the interior of the tank.



Front door machine with double basket system Theor.

Performance up to 45 baskets / h, 810 plates / h or 1,620 glasses / h Theor.

Performance when using the double basket system up to 90 baskets / h (45 plate baskets + 45 glass / cup baskets)

8 automatic programs: short, standard, eco, cutlery, water change, starch removal, hygiene and permanent washing program

Level indicator (cleaner / rinse aid) Self-cleaning program Wash pump with soft start

Completely ready to connect: inlet and outlet hoses, connecting cable, liquid detergent dosing pump, rinse aid dosing pump, rinse aid, drain pump, non-return valve

Multi-Phasing: Machine can be switched locally from 400 V to 230 V.

Shock-damped door with closing mechanism Tank, frame, rinse aid, panel

CrNi steel 1.4301 1 plate basket P-18-12, 1 universal basket B-00-07, 1 cutlery basket consisting of 4 boxes 01-246175-1






pump capacity 0.6 kW | 350 l / min

Basket dimensions 500×500 | 500 x 530 mm

Shelf height 425 mm

Workplace related emission value 60.5 dB (A)

Weight (with / without packaging) 70/60 kg tank heater 0.8 kW tension 400/50 / 3N (230/50/1)

Program duration * 80/150/170 sec.

And special programs Heater power – Factory 6.2 kW water consumption 1 l / basket

Heater performance – Adaptable 2.1 kW tank capacity 10.6 l Total connection value – factory 7.7 kW | 3 x 16 A

Total connected load – adaptable 3.6 kW | 16 A




FP-10ABasic model6 880
FPS-10Awith integrated water softener7 530


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